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Back Packing 

      Adventure (6-8)  Expedition (9-12) 
  Physical - 5 Fun Rating - 5 Safety Rating - 2 Overall - 5

Take an overnight or multi night backpacking trip.  Submitted by:

Canoe trip 

      Adventure (6-8)  Expedition (9-12) 
  Physical - 5 Fun Rating - 5 Safety Rating - 1 Overall - 5
Equipment:Canoes, Lifepreservers,

  Submitted by:

Dynamiter Overnighter 

  RangerKids (K-2)  Discovery (3-5)     
  Physical - 1 Fun Rating - 1 Safety Rating - 1 Overall - 3
Equipment:Depends upon your theme

Overnight "lock-in" outreach event at the church. Various activities depending upon space, but the skies the limit. We use it as an outreach where the cost is $10, unless you bring a friend, then you and your friend are free. A contest for who can bring the most friends with a cool prize. We have been running this for 2 years under this format and tpyically have more visitors than regulars. A great way to grow the outpost. This year we did a "Treasure Island" theme, with the devotions around Christ being the treasure we should be seeking after. Games included compass course with a treasure box at the end with candy, prizes, etc. Commanders dressed up as pirates (friendly ones like the pirates who don't do anything). Skits & decor around that them as well.  Submitted by: Lloyd Fillis

Father Son Campout 

    Discovery (3-5)  Adventure (6-8)  Expedition (9-12) 
  Physical - 3 Fun Rating - 5 Safety Rating - 2 Overall - 5

Overnight or multi night campout with Fathers and Sons. Have men ministries director speak at council fire. All activities should inspire father and son cooperation and involvement.  Submitted by:


  RangerKids (K-2)  Discovery (3-5)  Adventure (6-8)  Expedition (9-12) 
  Physical - 1 Fun Rating - 2 Safety Rating - 1 Overall - 5
Equipment:blankets to save seats and bottled water.

Sporting event - went to a local Rodeo. Kids and commanders dressed in their class B uniforms and wore cowboy hats. It was a great time, only a couple of hrs so the boys did not get bord. They got a chance to talk to several of the contestants and see the horses, bulls and calfs fairly close. This was a meet us there event so not buses to coordinate. Parents drove their kids bought their tickets and food there and we had a special meeting place where we reserved seats with blankets on the benches. Honestly, I think the adults had just as much fun. We use Golden Nuggets as a reward system for our RK and anyone that brought a friend got 20 nuggets.  Submitted by: Kimberly Belfour

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