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Give me a heart lord pure and clean
one that desires to drink daily from your stream.
Give me a heart lord full of mercy and grace
one that desires to gaze daily upon your face.
Give me a heart lord overflowing with love
one that desires to gather only from above.
Give me a heart lord fashioned by your hand
one that desires to spread itself over your land.
Place within me your spirit of truth and compassion
for these attributes are the foundation of your mansion.
Pass your holy hand over me and impart your breath of life
clothe me in white raiment from above ,take me as your wife.
Adorn me with the precious stones hewn from your rock
that holy rock that gathers and leads your flock.
Place upon my hand your holy signet ring
for this is that mark that seals all things.
Now at last complete and whole....
I Am yours and you are mine.
There is nothing above or below
that compares to your love divine.
Bonela 8/8/99 © 1999