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The Pastors Support.

In starting a Royal Rangers Outpost, it would seem that the full support of the pastor would be an easy thing to obtain and maintain. Unfortunately many Royal Rangers commanders share that this isn`t always the case.
So how do you gain 100% support?


Constant communication is the key! In my experience I have found that monthly meetings with the Pastor are essential to sustaining a positive support network for the successful outpost. Keep the pastor briefed on upcoming events, recent events that were completed, leaders goals and achievements, and especially the many ways in which your outpost is having a positive effect on the lives of your boys. It`s best to make these reports in writing to your pastor and include copies of any written work that the boys may have turned in for their advancements.

 Give your pastor a calender every quarter showing dates and descriptions of planned activities, this way he will be informed and kept current on all the happenings of the outpost. Do this in advance to gain his permission and approval of all activities.

 Invite your pastor to speak at your outpost events. Ask him to attend outpost ceremonies or to occasionally give the devotion during the outpost meeting. Encourage him to sign outpost award certificates given out to the boys. Get him involved with outpost activities as much as possible. Buy him a Royal Rangers uniform and encourage him to wear it while attending Royal Rangers activities. Not only does this provide an opportunity for your pastor to enjoy the outpost but it also gives the pastor face time with the boys. It gives the boys an opportunity to get the know their pastor on a more personal level and vice versa.


Having your pastor involved with your outpost and informed of the various activities that a successful Royal Rangers program requires, will greatly increase his willingness to favor financial support when the time arises. This will happen because he will better understand and realize the needs of the outpost and know that it`s not just a babysitting service, but an organization worthy of the necessary support.



 Don`t forget also, that your pastor is the head recruiter for servants in the church. The more he knows the needs of the outpost, the more he will be on the look out for qualified men to serve in the outpost.

  Certainly the most important aspect that a pastor can provide is to give direction that is in line with the will of God and His plan for the church. Pastors prayers and guidance are essential for any successful outpost and we must respect our Pastor`s decisions and direction.

The successful outpost depends on the full support and guidance from it`s pastor. Do all that is necessary to get his support and keep his support.