Camping Check List

Here are the essential items that you will want to take with you to be comfortable.
Remember, camping should be comfortable, it should not be a test of endurance.

Overnight Camping list

Camp fee
Permission slip
2 shirts
2 pair long pants
Toothbrush, soap, etc
3 pair of socks / underwear
Lantern (If you have one)
Mosquito spray
Rain Poncho
Sleeping bag or blanket
Extra batteries
Cut and Chop Card
Other Weather related clothing.

Leave these items at home:
Game Boy
Radios / TVs
Any other knife other than pocket knife.
Everything else you know you shouldn`t bring.

Write your name on everything.
Do not pack your stuff in a plastic or brown paper bag! Use a sturdy utility bag, backpack, or duffel bag.
Pack your stuff at least the day before you leave.