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At some point in time, at any given stage of life, everyone has the opportunity to begin something great. Ancients have said, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Any journey has a far greater chance of being completed if those who have gone before, will point the way. Far too many experienced travels are focused on striving, rather than guiding. In my experience, I have seen many to busy doing, when they should be training, sharing and molding those who have traveled less.

Enough of the analogies, fact of the matter is, many people think in order to have a succesful outpost, all you need are men willing to dedicate some time with boys. While this is certainly a nessecity, it doesn`t in any way shape or form guarantee success. Gaining knowledge, real experience and a willingness to learn are the first essential steps toward becoming sucessful in just about anything. This is also very true when operating a successful outpost.