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I continue to invent myself every day. - Maya Angelou

Inventas Vitam

By my 18th birthday, I had lived in half as many places. By the time I was 36, I had lived in 18 different places and visited over thirty countries. Having been given the opportunity to live in as well as visit so many different worlds, I have found it quite easy to invent myself every day. I try to look upon each day as a new exciting opportunity to experience what I have not experienced before.
I pity those who choose the life of sadly existing as an observer, easy persuaded by the whims of the day along with the fads of the moment. Their god is mysteriously controlling their lives from behind a small glass wall transported through the air with the press of a button. One only needs to briefly gaze in the mirror to determine this is surely not enough.
My quest is not an endeavor of perfection nor the lack of satisfaction, but the taste for newness with adventure. To boldly go where no one has gone before. To continually learn from others what really counts in this great moment of existance.
Invention comes with discovery and development. We are a creation of our encounters, hence we choose how we are affected by what we do, where we go and whom we see.
Every course completed, talent honed and conversation expressed is a trip to the patent office of character development.
The exhilaration of a breakthrough provides a lasting euphoria only usurped by the realities of existence.
We must learn to live large or surely we will die small.