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Unreserved lack of honor and respect for the undying commitment and dedication made in the service of the merciful Creator of the heavens and the earth is a matter, which so overwhelms the soul.
A commitment so engrossed in the love of Christ and Christian servitude, deserves no less than the admiration of even those who may not begin to understand its meaning and purpose, let alone those who claim a kinship.
Far and few are the ones who whole heartily dedicate themselves toward even the slightest resemblance of anything of purpose, let alone the purpose of furthering the Kingdom of God.
For any leadership to disrespect this dedication in the slightest amount is a damaging force beyond the realm of measurement or comprehension. Leadership that respects not, nor appreciates the toil, nor fails to inspire even the slightest conviction will soon find itself among those who care only to gaze. Under this circumstance demise is soon realized.
I firmly believe that any manís finest hour is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause, and lies exhausted on the field of battle victorious.