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Pinewood Derby Car Design Ideas

(Also see Racing Strategies)

Design Worksheet (word doc)

  • Begin with a basic car design on paper. Trace out the block of wood on paper or print out my car design template.
  • Use plastic figures for a driver. You may have to cut off just the head.
  • EMPTY .38 caliber shells make excellent jet exhaust ports.
  • Use a sandable primer or wood sealer. White is for light colors and grey for dark colors.
  • Sand the car with fine sandpaper using a sanding block.
  • After the weights are put in the holes, conceal them with plastic wood.
  • Water based paints dry quicker (1 hour) than oil based paints (24 Hours).
  • Don`t forget a number for your car.
  • Add stripes, decals, or any detailing. The more.....the better.
  • Put a gloss finish on your car. It is worth it. After all that work, this is the final touch. The more coats that you put on...the shinier your car will be. Be sure the paint is dry before putting on the glosscoat. Some gloss products may be incompatible with the paint.
  • You are now ready to race!