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Pinewood Derby Car Tools

Safety Goggles Coping Saw Scroll Saw Chisel Hammer
Hot glue gun Sanding Block Sand Paper Wood File Pliers
Screwdriver Punch Drill Sharp Knife Vise
Xacto Knife Utility Knife Dremel Band Saw Jig Saw

Tool workmanship ideas:

  • Work together with your child. Don`t do all the work!!
  • Demonstrate proper safety precautions and use of power tools.
  • Sand in the direction of the grain when smoothing and against the grain when shaping.
  • Demonstrate detailed shaping. Instead of using a knife, encourage the use of a wood rasp with both fine and coarse teeth.
  • Drill and/or chisel out a hole in the block of wood for weight to be added.
  • You will need a bench vise, drill and bits, and possible extension cords.
  • Weights can be purchased from hobby stores, or you can use lead fishing sinkers, plumbing solder, or other metal weights.
  • Weigh the car components (wood block, axles, and wheels) along with the weights. Don`t forget to allow for the glue, sealer, paint, and wax coats to come later.
  • After the weights are put in the holes, conceal them with plastic wood.