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Kreemers Sinkhole Cave Walnut Grove, MO

Cavers: Jim Cooley, DJ Hall, Seth Alley, Wayne Fitzner, Marcelo Kramer.

This sink hole cave has recently developed on Trafton Kreemer’s land. The initial sink hole on the surface is about 15’ x 20’ and tapers down to a 2’ wide crevice 10-12’ long. On the west side of the crevice is a small entrance into a 8’ x 8’ room.
A side passage leads into a small alcove about 6’ x 6’. To the east is a 20’ drop off 3’ wide down into another 8’ x 8’ room. This is basically the extent of the cave. We used ropes for safety and because of the uncertainty of the passage, however it could easily be navigated without the use of ropes.