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Pineville Cave Pineville, MO

Cavers: DJ Hall, Daniel Alley, Seth Alley & Wayne Fitzner.

The cave entrance is along the side of a dry creek bed on conservation land. Our visit was during the fall after a dry summer. It is possible the cave bay be water filled during the west season, as the creek water would easily drain into the cave whose entrance leads down into a 6’ deep hole, about 2’ft wide.
The cave begins with a wide low room, lot of small columns and a large rimstone dam that was water filled. A tight crawl to the south diminished to a rock fall. To the north a passage led through a crawl with lots of small columns and soda straws.
The passage opens up into a large chamber with many formations including a very large column. Approx 5’ think at the thinnest pint; the height was approx 9’ tall. Also in this chamber were two large bell shaped flowstone that resembled large creates. There were rimstone dams and several active pools of water. The north end of the chamber led up to the ceiling at a rock fall.
On both the east and west walls were side passages. The east side passage split north and south and eventually ended after 60 or 70 feet. The west side passage was a 3’ tall 3’ wide stoop which led through a wide 2’ crawl and then opened up 8-10ft exiting our the opposite side of the hill from the creek side entrance.